How to Use a Real Estate Broker

How do I select a broker? And once selected, how do I get the most out of the relationship?

Start with friends, neighbors, or co-worker’s recommendations and look at real estate publications that cover the area in which you wish to buy or sell. See which agents are actively involved in real estate. Ask for a resume, and if they weren’t referred to you by someone you know, references of at least 2 to 3 past clients. While I give more weight to personal recommendations, take into account your similarity to person who made the recommendation. Relationships have chemistry, sometimes one person has great success with a particular party that another does not.

Real estate transactions can be stressful at times. Interview as many brokers as needed to find one with whom you communicate well with and in whom you have professional confidence in. Most real estate brokers appreciate the advantage of spending time with people up front, to help them determine if they can, or want to, proceed. If you are selling property, before you clean up or fix or make any changes to your property, take advantage of your real estate broker’s marketing experience. They can save you considerable time and money in preparing your property sale.

To get the best service from your broker, think of yourself as part of a team. Once you’ve chosen an agent, feel free to direct all real estate questions and decisions with your broker. A proactive approach paves the way to a smooth and effective real estate transaction. The more your real estate broker knows about what you wish to accomplish through a particular real estate transaction, the greater chance they can assist you in creating it.